National Curriculum Subject Areas: Science – Light, English, RE
Length of session: 75 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Understand how light and shadow are used to create a puppet performance
•    Understand how the Ramayana story links to the Hindu festival of Diwali
•    Appreciate how heroes and heroines are presented in puppet and story form.

Session Outline
In this fun interactive session pupils explore how shadows are created by handling Javanese puppets and taking part in a performance of the Ramayana.
Activity 1 Handling puppets Pupils handle Javanese puppets and experiment with making shadows in three supervised groups.
Activity 2 Listening to a story Pupils listen and participate in a shadow puppet performance of the Hindu story of the Ramayana.
Session 3 Storyboarding Pupils go round the Museum finding objects to appear in a creative episode of the Ramayana.  Pupils share their ideas and listen to the final part of the story.

Really brilliant and engaging.  Great communication with children.  We all thought it was a brilliant workshop.” (KS1 teacher)