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Director, Dr Laura Van Broekhoven

Executive Assistant, Beth Joynson;

General Enquiries

Tel: 01865 613000


Address: Pitt Rivers Museum, South Parks Road, Oxford OX1 3PP



Curator, Joint Head of Collections, Julia Nicholson;

Curator, Joint Head of Collections, Marina de Alarcon;

Curator, Head of Photograph Collections, Dr Chris Morton;

Deputy Head of Collections, Faye Belsey;

Exhibitions Officer, Zena McGreevy;

Collections Database Officer, Sian Mundell

Assistant Curator, Photograph and Manuscript Collections, Philip Grover;

Assistant Curator, Object Collections, Nicholas Crowe;

Head of Conservation, Jeremy Uden;

Deputy Head of Conservation, Andrew Hughes;

Conservator, Jenny Mitchell;

Digital Collections Manager, Tim Myatt;




Head of Curatorial, Research and Teaching, Dr Chris Morton;

Lecturer Curator World Archaeology, Prof Dan Hicks;

Lecturer Curator Asia, Prof Clare Harris;

Research Fellow, Dr Ashley Coutu;

Research Associate, Marenka Thompson-Odlum;

Balfour Librarian, Mark


Public Engagement

Head of Education and Outreach, Andrew McLellan;

Public Engagement with Research Officer, Jozie Kettle; Currently on maternity leave.

Education Officer, Primary Schools, Rebecca McVean;

Education Officer, Secondary Schools and Further Education, Melanie Rowntree;

Families Education Officer, Beth McDougall;


Administration, Planning and Finance

Head of Administration, Planning and Finance, Karrine Sanders;

Head of Operations and Technical Services, John Simmons;

Deputy Administrator, Antigone Thompson;

Commercial Manager, Yvonne Cawkwell;


Marketing and Press Officer, Louise Hancock;

Senior Development Executive, Suzi Attree; 


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