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cambridge pitt rivers catalogue

Jeremy Coote

‘Archaeology, Anthropology, and Museums, 1851–2014: Rethinking Pitt-Rivers and His Legacy’, Museum History Journal, Volume 7, 2014.

harris photo tibet

Clare Harris

Photography and Tibet. Reaktion Books, London, 2016.

harvesters bruegel

Dan Hicks

‘The temporality of the landscape revisited’, Norwegian Archaeological Review, 49: 5-39, 2016.

prm blackfoot shirt

Laura Peers

“Our Ancestors Have Come to Visit Us”: Blackfoot Shirts in Museum Spaces. Edmonton: Athabasca University Press, 2015.


Christopher Morton

‘The graphicalization of description: drawing and photography in the fieldwork journals and museum work of Henry Balfour’, Anthropology and Photography, Vol. 10 (London: Royal Anthropological Institute).

refash redress

Jeremy Uden

The Conservation and Display of the Tahitian Mourner’s Costume at the Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford.

dethroning historical reputations

Laura Van Broekhoven

Calibrating relevance at the Pitt Rivers Museum, 2018.

Portrait of two friends holding a cassette player and a handbag, possibly commemorating their purchase of these valued consumer goods. Photograph by Jacques Touselle. Mbouda, Cameroon. About 1975. (Copyright Jacques Touselle)

Christopher Morton

The Anthropology of Photography.

The International Encyclopedia of Anthropology (Hilary Callan ed), London: Wiley, 2018.

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