National Curriculum Subject Areas: Geography, History
Length of session: 75 minutes
Maximum group size: 32

Learning Outcomes
•    Appreciate who the Inuit are and what daily life was like for them 150 years ago
•    Understand more about the Arctic environment and the range of animals living there
•    Identify natural materials used by the Inuit to make objects from clothing, shelter, transport to hunting equipment

Session Outline
In this guided tour round the Museum find out about traditional Inuit life and how they used natural resources to survive in a cold environment.
Activity 1 Arctic animals Pupils find out about the Arctic environment and the animals which live there in this illustrated introductory session.
Activity 2 Guided tour Pupils are taken on an interactive guided tour of Inuit objects round the Museum, including some object handling. Please organise groups to have a ratio of one Education Guide to every ten pupils.
Session 3 Final plenary Pupils consider the resourcefulness of Inuit people and how they used every part of an animal to make useful objects.  Pupils think about what Inuit life is like today and what traditions have continued.

Excellent tours. Very friendly staff.  Lots of amazing artefacts. Thank you.” (KS1 teacher)